5-7 October 2005 Berlin




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This workshop follows the successful meetings in Parma (2002), Prague (2003), and Graz (2004). It keeps also the general aims, namely to provide for an overview and an exchange of trends, research results, new materials and experiences with regard to the use of multimedia in physics education, at the university as well as on the school level. Traditionally, most of the contributions will be given by colleagues from European countries, but presentations with examples from overseas are planned.

A funding has been organized to offer financial support for collegues from east Europe (East West Fund) and for young scientists (Young Physicists Fund) of EPS for travel and accommodation. More details in 2nd circular (pdf - doc). The number of grants will be announced under General Info.

Among the various facets of the use of multimedia products three topics will be given more attention at this workshop:

  • Lecturing with multimedia - using tools like VPython (3D simulation) or Modellus (modelling), integrated in student labs, and reporting on a lecture "Nonlinear Dynamics".
  • Research and physics education - can presentations and discussions of recent research data in some field contribute to a more attractive and modern way of teaching physics?
  • Multimedia in the teaching and learning of heat, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics - worldwide offered software products will be evaluated. The results of the evaluations in Europe, as well as in the US, will be presented. We will report about activities in United Kingdom and we are preparing a status report on what is going on in Europe.

Because the MPTL10 meeting coincides with the annual CoLoS (Conceptual Learning of Science) meeting, we have organized a number of joint sessions in order to facilitate the exchange of information between these two groups. Additional information about CoLoS can be obtained from their website: http://www.colos.org.


Last not least there will be a critical report about 10 years of this workshop series.