5-7 October 2005 Berlin




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General Info

As in the past workshops, there will be just a few invited talks, the main part of the time will be dedicated to presentations of the participants. Therefore you are kindly invited to submit a contribution and therewith enrich the scientific content of the meeting.

There are three possibilities for contributions:

Oral presentation: about 10 minutes with 5 minutes discussion. Internet access is provided if necessary.

Interactive poster session: 2 minutes introduction in the plenum (on Wednesday 18:00 - 19:00 hr.), ca. 90 minutes interactive presentation - use of your own notebook is prefered (only a few computers can be provided by the local organizers). Note that it is also possible to present additionally a printed poster (size about 84 cm width x 120 cm height).

Poster session: 2 minutes introduction in the plenum, ca. 90 minutes presentation - poster boards are provided.

Please indicate in the registration form the type of your contribution. In case that the number of oral presentations exceeds the available time, the organizing committee will have to shift some of them to the (interactive) poster sessions.

It is absolutely necessary that you provide the organizing committee with the following information (see the form at Registration):

      Title of contribution

      Author(s) with affiliation

      Short abstract (about 100 words)

This information will then be collected in the Abstracts web site.

The deadline for submission of your contribution (together with the registration) is June 1, 2005.

There will be no hard-copy proceedings, but all contributions (received until December 31, 2005, Word.doc format favoured) will be provided in electronic form at the Proceedings web site of this workshop.