Research in Experimental Physics (1973 - 2011)

ca. 1973 - 1985

Matrix-isolation spectroscopy on small molecules in rare gas solids at low temperatures. 

ca. 1980 - 1995

High-resolution Raman and FTIR spectroscopy on phonon relaxation processes in molecular solids.

ca. 1990 - 2011

Raman and FTIR spectroscopy of molecular solids under extreme conditions (high pressure, low temperature) - dynamics of crystal lattices and kinetics of phase transitions (e. g., pressure and photo-induced phase transitions, amorphization, order-disorder phenomena). 

1990 - 2008

Prof. Dr. H. J. Jodl was Associated Director of LENS and Representative of the University of Technology Kaiserslautern in the Executive Council at LENS (Florence, Italy).


Publications of Prof. Jodl in the field of Experimental Physics (pdf).       Selection of reviews contributed by the Jodl group.