Distance Education in Physics - FiPS
(Früheinstieg ins Physik-Studium, early entrance in physics study)

Additional information on the project at the Department of Physics, University of Technology Kaiserslautern, Germany, 1999-2002

1. FiPS at work

The technical pre-course (= Vorkurs, in German) can be accessed at:

The discussion forum (in German, elder version as of described in Am. J. Dist. Ed. 2009 now replaced by another tool) can be accessed at:

The media server (description of material in German) can be accessed at:

The syllabus of the courses (together with annotations of practical work, multimedia materials etc.; in German, extractions from the PhD thesis of D. Roth 2001)

The text books related to the courses are based on W. Demtröder, Experimentalphysik 1 and 2, Springer (in German, front matter and content only).

 The study guides (in German) are available at


2. FiPS documents (from the project, selected material)

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