Low Cost - High Tech (1996 - 2000, 2008 - 2011)

       In recent years a variety of new materials and techniques have found their way into everyday-life and into the hands of children, e. g. audio-CDs, cellular phones, remote controls etc. In contrast to this development, no experimentally and methodically equivalent approach can be claimed in teaching - for example, in terms of the implementation of new materials and techniques into teaching as well as in terms of a straightforward and cost-saving approach. The objective here is to give examples of low-cost experiments with a high-tech background from everyday-life. Furthermore, we argue that these kind of experiments can be integrated into the classical collection of low-cost experiments.
       As a result a book dealing with about 90 experiments carefully developed for physics teaching in school has been published (content as pdf, in German). About 30 experiments were added later on, e. g. on autofocus of digital cameras, UV protecting shirts, optical computer mouse, 3D cinema.

       For further information about the project see
Physics Education 33 1998 (pdf) and the homepage of the project here (in German).

       In 2018 a completely revised edition appeared. It contains some new descriptions of experiments for use in schools developed during a second project phase a few years ago. This third edition (only in German) can be obtained for free at think ING. after registration.

        An English translation of the 3rd German edition from 2018 appeared in 2022 thanks to the big help of Prof. Dr. Giacomo Torzo. It is available online at ResearchGate (after request) and a print version (non-profit) at lulu.com.



LowCost-HighTech new book