Früheinstieg ins Physikstudium (FiPS - early entrance in physics study) - since 1997

       Because of the declining number of students in physics all over Germany, our department started a project in 1997 under the direction of Prof. Jodl called FiPS (Früheinstieg ins Physik-Studium - early entrance in physics study), which was a university study at distance for physics majors (1st and 2nd semester). For several years we have had 80 - 100 students in the distance courses without intense advertising.
The target group is mainly the students finishing secondary school (age 18 - 19 years), who have to fulfill their military or community service. During the last decade an increasing number of these off-campus students are gifted students at secondary school selected by their physics teachers. All these students are excellent in many respects: profound knowledge in physics, mathematics, and computing, high intrinsic motivation, excellent grades, eager to work hard.


       Our aim is to offer serious, highly accepted courses. Therefore, both the off- and on-campus students have to pass the same exam at our department at the end of the respective winter/summer term. The modules are accepted for transfer by all physics departments in Germany as well as in Austria and Switzerland.

More information: homepage of FiPS (in German, here) - background information (in German, here) - details on the project at that time (here).